by luketarassenko

My fantasy novel How Zantheus Fell into the Sky is going free again on amazon Kindle this week from Tuesday to Friday (19th-22nd July).

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In the novel, a knight climbs a mountain and when he reaches its peak he is thrown into the sky. He wakes up far away from the mountain and must journey back to it in order to discover what has happened to him.

On the way he meets a mute orphan boy, an escaped slave woman and an eccentric, enigmatic scribe. Together they travel over plains, through forests, down rivers and back to the mountain, confronting vagrants, arguing with philosophers and fighting bandits on the way, all in order to discover just HOW ZANTHEUS FELL INTO THE SKY.

Influenced by authors like Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, Lewis Carroll, Ursula le Guin, Lloyd Alexander and pop culture titles like Samurai Jack, Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, this 110,000 word mystical quest will be loved by readers of young adult, epic, allegorical and metaphysical fantasy!

I finished writing HOW ZANTHEUS FELL INTO THE SKY when was I an undergraduate studying Theology at the University of Oxford at the age of 21. It engages with some ideas from Christianity, Greek Philosophy, atheist secular humanism, Judaism and Buddhism but in a non-preachy way through the medium of a gripping adventure story.

If you download the book and read it and you like it, please consider writing me a review on amazon and/or goodreads. If you don’t like it, please write to me instead and tell me why, so I can make my next book even better.

Thanks, and enjoy the book!