by luketarassenko

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After many years of deliberation and indecision, I have finally decided to publish my first novel electronically to the public. It’s called ‘How Zantheus Fell into the Sky’ and is a fantasy for young adults, old children, and adults.

The Kindle version will appear soon too and will be available for free for a limited time. When it is, I will post again and pleadingly ask the people who have already read Zantheus to review it on amazon for me. In the meantime, if you haven’t read it and would like to read the first three chapters for free you can do so on Inkitt at this link:

I wrote Zantheus while I was undergraduate studying Theology at Oxford and finished it at the age of 21. It has been revised on and off over seven years since. It engages with ideas from Christianity, Greek Philosophy, atheist secular humanism, Judaism and Buddhism but in a non-didactic way through an adventure story. While it has its flaws and has been rejected by a number of literary agents, I am still proud of it and thank God for helping me to finish it. One agent said of it “I enjoyed what I read and thought it had some obvious strengths. Unfortunately we have decided that it’s not quite what we’re looking for at the moment.” (John Wordsworth of Zeno Literary Agency). So I am hoping to see this as another step on the road to mainstream publication rather than an alternative option.

In the book, a knight climbs a mountain in search of Enlightenment and at its peak is thrown into the sky. He wakes up many miles away from the mountain and must journey back to it in order to discover what has happened to him. On the way he meets a mute orphan boy, an escaped slave woman and an eccentric, enigmatic scribe. Join them as they travel over plains, through forests, down rivers and back to the mountain, confronting vagrants, arguing with philosophers and fighting bandits on the way, all in order to discover just HOW ZANTHEUS FELL INTO THE SKY. If you love epic fantasy, you will love this this 110,000 word mystical allegory!

Now, on with the work on my other novels.

If you read it and like it please repost / reshare / write me a review!